Plasma TVs

A great choice for wall-mounted viewing

For quality home entertainment, Plasma TVs offer the most realistic television experience. The flat screen panel is especially becoming popular in the market today because of its sleek look and convenience. They can be hung on walls and mounted in various ways to save space. More importantly, they are the most affordable HDTVs around. Discover what you should look for in buying a Plasma TV.

Features to look for

Plasma TVs generally offer high definition quality. Their main selling point is its exceptional and realistic picture quality. The Plasma TVs usually differ in size, design and connectivity. The bigger the size, the more expensive the price for the Plasma TVs; generally, a 42-inch screen is more affordable than a 50-inch screen with 720p HD standards. When you buy one however, it is not a simple question between getting a bigger or smaller screen size. You have to compare your budget and specifications to the available price, size, design and connectivity of the Plasma TVs.

First, ask yourself: What screen size are you looking for, 42 inches, 50 inches, or even larger? What display solution do you prefer, 720p or 1080p? Is HDTV support available from your cable or satellite company? Can the Plasma TV be connected to various HDMI inputs and is it compatible with various computer support and USB connections? Does the overall appearance and design of the Plasma TV complement your room décor?

You have to evaluate how much you are willing to spend for a Plasma TV and you have to get a good deal on the price with the features you want. Though Plasma TVs are relatively affordable high definition screens, they are not exactly cheap. The usual 42- inch 720p display solution Plasma TV can cost $540. The trade off is between the price of the Plasma TV, the features it has and the budget you have set aside for it. When you go looking for Plasma TVs, keep this in mind. There are many varying features and they are generally an affordable HDTV, but that does not mean they are cheap.

Best Brands

Though there are many Plasma TVs going around these days, the Panasonic and Samsung models remain to be the top contenders. The  Panasonic VIERA TC-P42X3, available on Amazon for $501 and the  Samsung PN43D450, starting at $478.98 on Cnet, are among the latest models that are considered affordable HDTVs. The Panasonic VIERA TC-P42X3 offers a unique and easy to manipulate interface with an environment friendly screen. Its 600Hz Sub-field Drive is perfect for action packed scenes and focused imaging. The Samsung PN43D450 features five different inputs and is USB compatible. Its 600Hz subfield motion is similarly ideal for action packed scenes and its SRS Theatre Sound offers the ideal complementary audio technology that creates clear and crisp HDTV viewing.