Best bet for high-quality home entertainment

If you want a flat screen with high quality home entertainment, then your bet should be on LCD TVs. They offer pleasant viewing in most cases since they use backlit screens and non-reflective surfaces. They do not give off the harmful glare of Cathode Ray Tube (traditional) televisions. Compared to other television models, the LCD TVs are typically lighter and smaller.  They are low maintenance and are known to have high durability. Get to know what features to look for before buying an LCD TV.

Features to look for

LCD TVs are generally flat-screen colour TVs that are known to have flexible placement and mounting because of their slim physical features. LCD TVs can be High Definition resolution or Digital TV quality. In choosing which one to buy, consider what kind of viewer you are.

If you are the typical home user, then you are probably just looking for a good replacement for your old CRT TV or a broken TV that you have at home.  Choose LCD TVs ranging from 26 inches and above with good picture quality and features. Wide screen television is among the top choices for home use nowadays.

Movie buffs will no doubt be interested in using the LCD TV for DVD movie viewing. What you need is a high resolution LCD TV to get a satisfying home entertainment experience. Most movie buffs enjoy watching on LCD screens because of the high resolution. To be able to view movies using HDTV movie players and HD DVD disc players, you need a LCD TV with various connectivity inputs.

If you are a gamer, then you need an input for the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, and other gaming components. As a gamer, the quality of the game experience will be satisfied if the LCD TV has high resolution and compatible input connectivity. Choose LCD TV models with low response time features to limit the ghosting during the gaming experience, especially during fast moving pictures.

If you are a computer or HTPC user, you need the basic connectors for computer compatibility: DVI and VGA ports. Look for LCD TV features similar to those of the movie buffs and gamers.

Best Brands

Among the best performing LCD TVs are the  Sony Bravia KDL-46NX720, ($1599.99 from BestBuy), the  LG Infinia 47LW5600 (available for $899.99 at Amazon) and the  Samsung UN46D6400 (on sale at for $1,299.99). These LCD TVs are LED based which commonly have sleek frames, mounted edges and makes use of edge lighting. Some LED based LCD TVs have compromised screen quality because of the sleek frames and results in uneven lighting. However, the three models mentioned above have expertly avoided such problems. Aomong the three, the Sony has the highest quality black levels and features extra 2D videophiles. The LG tops the bright room performance and features top quality color. The Samsung easily manages deep blacks and has natural good color without needing the local dimming option.