3D Television

Welcome to the future of home viewing

3D televisions have created such hype in recent years because they are the best out there. Compared to other televisions, 3D TV has the highest picture quality and it is the closest to watching the real thing. The image and the quality of the image have such depth that it seems so close to being realistic. Any television viewing experience can be significantly improved with 3D television. Long story short, 3D televisions make viewing better than the other television options. This particular novelty and amazing addition of technology to entertainment and viewing is indeed alluring. It is no wonder why many people cannot wait to get their own 3D TV. Make sure you get to know the basics before buying your own 3D TV.

Features to look for

Most people shop for a 3D TV without really knowing what it is they need to look for. The features of 3D TV are similar to the HD TVs except for the 3D feature. Also, 3D TVs have varying brands but similar features, so which one should you buy?

What you need to do first is to figure out how much you are willing to shell out for your 3D TV. Find a 3D TV that matches the range of your budget. They are generally expensive so choose the price that matches your budget. Compare the price with its features.

The 3D picture quality is only one feature that you should think about when buying a 3D TV. Given that all 3D TVs have 3D capability, what else should you consider? Actually, when you buy the 3D TV, you have a choice of whether you will get a plasma TV, LED TV or LCD TV. Each type has its own features and every model offers its own unique features.

In choosing, match your decision with what kind of viewer you are. If you are the average television viewer, then you probably do not a 3D TV with too many features. You just need the basic high quality picture, basic connectivity and screen size 42 inches and above. If you are a movie buff then you need a TV that has various connectivity inputs to play movie DVDs and to connect the TV with various content players. Similarly, gamers and PC users need appropriate connectivity features for their 3D TVs.

Best Brands

Though 3D television is still not a common household item, the demand for it is high nonetheless. Today, the market is teeming with all kinds of 3D televisions, but the top choices are Panasonic and Samsung models. The 3D TV is generally expensive because of it has higher quality than the rest. Typically, they are over a thousand dollars. The Samsung and Panasonic Series start from about $1,200 dollars. With their design, performance and special features, Panasonic’s VT30 Series, their VIERA TC-P55GT30, and Samsung’s UN46C7000 make it to the top of the list.