Handheld Electronics

Today’s best brands and devices

Handheld electronics refer to light mobile devices such as cellular phones, handheld games (PSP and the like), handheld camera, etc. The basic handheld electronics include the PDAs or the personal digital assistants (Palm Pilots) and cellular phones with internet connectivity. Though handhelds are small in size, they carry the compact features of their bigger counterparts. In buying handheld electronics, you need to be oriented with its types and best brands. Read on for a brief buying guide.

Types of handheld electronics

  • Handheld cellular phones are all around phones built to be digital personal assistants. These function for mobile management such as making notes, sending/receiving messages and calls, recording, scanning barcodes and connectivity. The advantage of handheld phones is their small, compact size that can easily be held in one’s hands. Despite their size, they are extremely useful and are capable of functioning similarly to laptops, computers, games and the like.
  • Handheld cameras shoot films or make videos by holding the camera in one’s hands rather than mounting it on a tripod or stand. These kinds of cameras are favored because of its convenient size and portability. It gives freedom for movement when filming.
  • Handheld games such as PSPs and Nintendo 3DS are portable and lightweight devices that have screens, game controls and speakers functioning as a single game unit. These handheld games function like consoles that can be carried easily by people with their hands and they can be played any time or anywhere. The games are stored in these handheld game consoles and are miniaturized to fit the small machines.

Tips in choosing

The constant competition in the market has led to the continuous evolution of handheld features. In buying handhelds, do not be confused about the many features varying from one product/ brand from the next. Focus on functions included in the unit. Handhelds are typically small so they have smaller screens, memory and less function options. Compare the price and the functions. Is the price worth it for the functions that the handheld can do? Handhelds are generally built for multi-tasking so choose a unit that will work best with what you need.