Sony Game Consoles

PS3 offers the best gaming experience yet

Sony’s PlayStation 3, or simply PS3 for short, is one of the most advanced games consoles ever seen, boasting some of the fastest processing speeds and boldest graphics of any console, while also packing at least 80GB of storage into its hard drive. The choice of games available is staggering, and what’s more most of them are completely overwhelming seeing as they’re all available in HD. When it comes to gaming, the PS3 offers, quite simply, the best experience yet.

Design specs

The PS3 features an extremely sleek, sexy-looking design – it can be stood up vertically or placed horizontally, just like all the other consoles available. The controllers remain similar to previous PlayStation controllers in design, expect that these are now wireless. But what really sets the PS3 apart is not its design, but its revolutionary new Blu-ray format.

The menu screen of the Sony PS3 uses something called the XrossMediaBar, which is very straightforward to use and highly intuitive. Through it, users can use their PS3 as a media centre as well as a console, viewing photos, watching videos and internet streams, surfing the net and listening to music from MP3s or the internet. It’s also capable of playing Blu-ray HD movies, meaning that if you’re in the market for a Blu-ray media centre and a games machine, there really is only one option.


Gaming-wise, PS3 users have the option to play online, subscription-free (yep, it doesn’t cost you a dime!) for the most competitive gaming experience yet, either through its wireless connectivity or the Ethernet connection. The graphics on the PS3 are quite simply out of this world when played on a HDTV – a huge improvement on the old PS2, while even the sound is markedly improved with regards to clarity.

To conclude then, the PS3 is so much more than a simple games console – it’s an all-round multi-media entertainment centre that more than deserves to take centre stage in any living room.

Where to buy

Users have a ton of options when it comes to buying a PS3. We’d recommend shopping around online in order to take advantage of the cheapest deals around. had a great selection last time we looked, with pre-owned consoles going for around $149.99, while brand new machines could be had for as little as $249.99. BestBuy also had some good offers, including pre-owned consoles for less than $200, while it also had some interesting game and console bundles for $299.99 and up.