Nintendo Game Consoles

From Wii to DSi, plenty of options

Way back in 1985, Nintendo took the world by storm with the release of its Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), which proved to be far and away the most popular games console of its generation.

Nintendo’s focus on pioneering  and developing great new games and video games consoles, and since the release of the NES have come a long way forward: Some of the classic Nintendo games consoles include the Super Nintendo, the GameCube, the legendary Nintendo Gameboy, its successor the DS, and now the seventh generation Nintendo Wii.


Most Nintendo system’s games are saved onto cartridges, and are able to load in minimal time. Classic Nintendo games include the Super Mario Brothers games, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong etc. Nowadays, the most modern Nintendo consoles such as the Wii come with wireless controllers and internet connectivity, so games can be played with friends online.

Nintendo consoles

When buying a Nintendo console, consider the kinds of games you want to play. If you’re after classic games, then the NES system is popular with retro gamers, and something of a collector’s item these days. However, care needs to be taken when buying an NES, because, of course, these consoles are very old and many of them no longer work properly.

Things to check include the game cartridges and cartridge slot, the CPU, the video and audio, and also the console’s memory.

If you’re after a handheld game console, then you have a wealth of options. The original Gameboy can still be found and offers the same retro gaming experience as the NES, but comes with several of its own classics such as the legendary Tetris puzzle game.

Modern handhelds include the Nintendo DSi and its large cousin the DSi XL, while the recently released the Nintendo 3DS is the first console in the world to offer 3D gaming.

Other consoles include the Gameboy Advance, and the older Nintendo GameCube, which is now well on its way to becoming another retro games machine. Pick up one of these and it could be worth a fair amount in a few more years!

The console everybody wants now of course is the Nintendo Wii – a revolutionary video games console which features motion sensor controls that allow for a completely new kind of gaming experience.

Where to buy?

If you’re looking for a classic older Nintendo consoles, the only place to look is, which offers just about every kind of console they ever made. Here you can pick up an NES for $69.99, a Nintendo 64 for just $49.99, and even a Super Nintendo for around $89.99.

For the newer Nintendo Wii and the DSi consoles, we found that HMV was the best destination, as they offer a range of console/games bundles, or low priced consoles on their own. Here you can pick up a Nintendo Wii for just $114.99, while the DSi was available for under $100, and the brand new 3DS was listed for as low as $134.99.