Microsoft Game Consoles

Xbox has come a long way since early days

There’s no doubt that Microsoft have made their mark since entering into the video game market. The remarkable success of the original Xbox has helped to push gaming technology forwards, and the Xbox 360 is also a great success. Since then, we’ve seen the release in 2008 of the updated Xbox 360 60GB, also called the Xbox 360 Elite, and more recently the Xbox 360 120GB.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Elite is actually just an upgraded version of the original Xbox 360, which came with just 20GB of hard drive space. But as well as the upgraded memory, it also fixed a number of problems that were found with the original Xbox 360, establishing it as a solid player in the games console market.

The Xbox 360 Elite serves not just as a fantastic games console, but also doubles as a multi-media entertainment centre hub fit for any living room, thanks to integrated internet streaming service from Netflix, which enables users to stream movies and TV shows and watch them via the Xbox.


One useful new addition to the Xbox 360 Elite, as well as the technical upgrades, is the increase in what the warranty covers. The original Xbox 360 suffered from a much publicized problem known as the “Three Rings of Death”, which was a fault caused by the console overheating. Now, the warranty covers this type of failure for an extended 24 month period, while the problem itself has become a much rarer occurrence after improvements made with the introduction of HDMI ports in the newer Xbox 360 Elite.


The internal workings of the Xbox 360 Elite are designed to work just like a PC, and so it’s capable of producing high quality video output, while it boasts an awesome processing power, generated by three 3.2 GHZ cores. It also comes with two memory card slots and 2 USB ports.


The Xbox 360 Elite is a little smaller in size compared to the first Xbox 360, and can be oriented horizontally or vertically. The Xbox 360 Pro measures 12.15 inches wide, 3.27 inches tall and has a depth of 10.10 inches, while it weighs 8.lbs. Appearance-wise, the console is futuristic, sleek and sexy, with a stylish inward curve, while the interchangeable face plates mean that it can be personalized.

Where to buy

The official Xbox 360 website provides a useful list of all major retailers licensed to sell the Xbox 360 Elite, though we’d recommend that you buy one online. When we looked, BestBuy had Xbox 360 consoles going for just $124.99 with no games, while consoles with games packages were going for prices closer to $200.