Game Consoles

3 systems offer lots of choice for gamers

Much has changed in the video gaming world since the debut of the Xbox 360 back in November of 2005. The release of the Xbox as a valid competitor to the Sony PlayStation and the Nintendo Wii has left games console buyers with a real headache when it comes to deciding which one to choose.

Games consoles have been popular since the heyday of the late, great Atari 2600, with its blocky graphics and super-simple games that bought video gaming entertainment into our homes for the first time. Over the years, gaming consoles have developed awesome power and have supplanted arcade machines as the ultimate games.

Nowadays, game developers make their new titles specifically for consoles rather than the arcade, and the games just get better and better.

Video Game Consoles

The leading manufacturers in the video game console world have changed over the years. Whereas once upon a time it was all Sega, Atari and Intellivision, nowadays we have a three-way battle between the Microsoft Xbox, the Sony PlayStation and the Nintendo Wii. Each of these three manufactures competes to develop the best possible gaming console, bringing out new updates and brand new consoles every few years, and such stiff competition means we are left with three very capable, high quality consoles to choose from – each of them with incredibly sharp graphics, diverse functionality and incredibly vast range of games to choose from.


One of the latest revelations in the games console world is that of online gaming – which was first initiated by the Xbox with its Xbox Live Gaming Service. Now of course, all three major consoles offer online gaming, even with handheld consoles such as the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP.

Other features include the ability to play DVDs (PlayStation and Xbox), while one of the newest features still in development is the TiVo-esque feature which will allow users to create and record their own TV shows! The Xbox 360 is able to communicate with your PC and connect to your TV, so you can watch movies directly from your hard drive on your living room TV. Even handheld consoles like the PSP have got in on the act, allowing web browsing and movie watching.


Of course, lest we forget, the games are what really makes a gaming console, and its these what will ultimately dictate your choice over which machine to buy. Consider the features you need, but most of all consider the games you like to play and which console they are available for!