Cable Internet Packages

Deciphering all the technical jargon when deciding on a broadband internet package can be frustrating. How fast is a 30 MPBS connection anyway? How come my current download speeds never come close to reaching the speed listed on my package? Which package will provide me with internet access that meets my needs, but doesn’t cost a fortune? You should know the answers to all these questions before settling on an internet package and provider. Otherwise you risk wasting money on services that you’ll never actually use, or getting a package that doesn’t meet your needs!

Understanding Internet Packages

The two important factors to consider when choosing an internet package are the download speed and monthly usage. Internet providers measure download speed in MBPS (Megabits per second). This can be deceiving, since when you’re actually downloading data onto your computer, speeds are usually relayed in KBPS (Kilobytes per second) or MPS (Megabytes per Second). Remember that there are 8 bits in a byte, so a 10 megabit internet connection really translates to a maximum download speed of 1.2 megabytes per second.

It’s also important to remember that broadband speeds can be variable depending on how many internet users in your area are active at any given time, so realistically your internet speed will likely be anywhere from 30%-60% of what is listed in your internet package.

Monthly usage is a measurement of how much data you can download. A connection with 250 GB of monthly usage will allow you to download 250 GB per month. If you regularly download video files to your computer, you may want to opt for a package with unlimited monthly usage.

What Kind Of User Are You

Basic User – I mostly just use the internet for browsing, email and internet messaging. I don’t require it for on demand TV, and I rarely download media or stream HD video files.

Intermediate User – I regularly use the internet for browsing, email and internet messaging, but I also download some media. I rarely/never stream HD video files.

High Volume User – I often download media as well as stream HD video files.

Determine Your Package

Basic User – We recommend that basic users select a package with a download speed of at least a 5 MBPS, and at minimum 25 GB of Monthly usage

Intermediate User – Intermediate users should opt for a package with at least 30 MBPS download speeds. Monthly usage largely depends on the number and kind of files you download, so we recommend taking a look at your recent activity and selecting enough monthly usage to accommodate your usage

High Volume User – Ultimately, for high volume users the more speed/monthly usage available the better. HD video files require high speeds, otherwise latency becomes an issue and video can become choppy. Downloading HD video also requires a lot of space, so unlimited monthly usage is recommended!