Know your system needs before buying

Searching for a new computer can be like looking for the perfect mate. We all have our own set of needs that must be met and we are willing to compromise when needed, especially when it comes to the budget. When we finally find the perfect computer, we know we are in it for the long haul—or until dead batteries and broken motherboards tear us apart. So the question now is, how do find that “perfect” computer?

Although it would have been difficult to imagine in the past, computers nowadays come in different types, sizes, colors and has many features that differ from computer to computer. People can choose between desktops, laptops, netbooks, and tablets.

Types of Computers:


Though we are living in an increasingly mobile world, there are still those who prefer the old-fashioned desktop. Even though laptops, netbooks, and tablets have proliferated, this staple will not be becoming obsolete anytime soon. In fact, most hardcore gamers prefer the desktop over any type of computer. This type is also perfect for home or office use.

When choosing a desktop, keep in mind the tasks that you need to do on it. Make sure you have sufficient memory and a good processor. Get a large hard drive if you intend to download movies and play online games. If you want more mobility, then it’s better to opt for a netbook or a laptop.

Laptops and Netbooks

People tend to confuse netbooks with laptops, thinking they are the same thing. Though they are quite similar, they are different. In terms of performance, laptops are faster and can carry out more complicated functions. They are larger in size compared to netbooks and are usually equipped with processors of higher speed. When it comes to mobility however, the netbook wins hands down.

A netbook is smaller, lighter and is great for students who need it for school paperwork, web browsing and email. However, due to its small size, its capacity is also less compared to the laptop. For hardcore computer programmers, a laptop is definitely more ideal since it is akin to a mobile desktop.

Tablet PCs

Although netbooks are already very portable, Tablet PCs take portability to a whole new level. Tablet PCs are extremely lightweight and easy to carry around as they take less space whether you put it in your bag or clutch it like a notebook. Its long battery life, touch screen interface, and applications allow you to experience media in a completely different way.