Computer Mice

Upgrade your mouse for a better computing experience


One of the least thought about, but also one of the most important, devices on your computer is the mouse. Sure, when you buy a PC or laptop you’ll have a free mouse included, but it’s almost always going to be the cheapest, nastiest mouse going. As any geek or nerd will happily tell you, having a nice mouse can vastly improve your whole computing experience.


One of the biggest considerations is comfort. You want the mouse you are using to fit nice and easy in your hand. While some mice may look more stylish, when used for an extended length of time they can actually cause repetitive strain, and so you need to look at the ergonomics of the mouse above all other considerations if you are a heavy computer user. If you can, try before you buy and see what’s comfortable for you.

Wired or wireless?

Wireless mice are obviously a great deal more convenient for many users. Most computer users will agree, once they have become accustomed to a wireless mouse they would never go back to using a ‘tethered’ mouse. Interestingly, the price difference between the two is not that noticeable (wireless mice are a little more expensive, but worth it). The only real downside to a wireless mouse is you’ll need to keep a supply of batteries handy.


When you read reviews of computer mice, you’ll notice they are often rated according to their sensitivity. A mouse with high DPI rating means that its cursor will travel further and faster when moved across a given distance than the cursor of a mouse with a low DPI. Generally, most mice are rated somewhere between 800 and 1000 DPI. Gamers may want a faster, 1600 DPI mouse, although this is usually too sensitive for general users who just want to type documents, surf the net, etc.


There are literally hundreds of mouse brands to choose from, but to be honest most are not that great (noticeable by how cheap they are!). Surpisingly, Apple’s Mighty Mouse, which comes as the standard giveaway mouse for all Apple laptops, is not much liked by most users. Generally, Microsoft, Logitech and IBM are considered to be the best brands going.


The cheapest wireless mice can be had for under $20, although the quality and life span of these isn’t usually too great. Much better to buy a decent brand name mouse, such as the Logitech, which could cost anything from $25 to $50 for one of the best new models. For a decent quality gaming mouse however, expect to pay as much as $50 to $75.

Where to buy

One of the cheapest places we found for buying computer mice was the Newegg store, though the offers a good price comparison for different mouse models.