Computer Peripherals

Key add-ons boost your computing experience

When choosing your computer, the number of computer peripherals needed will vary depending on your choice. Obviously, the desktop would need the most peripherals out of all types of computer, but we have broken down the basic devices that would help your computer to perform better.


Not many people are aware, but there are actually many types of keyboards. One way of classifying them is through their method of connection. For the longest time, the only connection available was through the PS/2 port. However, USB connection soon became available and so did wireless connection; two connection types that are increasingly becoming popular.

Keyboards are not only for desktop computers. They can also be used with a tablet PCs, especially when you prefer using a regular keyboard rather than a touch screen interface. If you are always on the go, rollup keyboards would be great for traveling as you can just roll them up and put them in your back. When you need them, simply unroll then roll again when you are done.


One of the problems when using a laptop is that the touch pad is too small and it often hampers your progress whether you are playing online games, doing multiple tasks or editing files. Using a mouse helps speed things up, not to mention make you more productive. There are three basic types of mouse to choose from: mechanical, optical, and laser. A mechanical mouse poses cleaning problems especially when rollers get clogged up with dirt. An optical mouse has some minor flaws but easier to clean and definitely a lot more accurate. The laser mouse consumes less power, is most sensitive and is able to detect even subtle movements. However, a laser mouse can be pricey so your best bet is to buy an optical mouse.


Speakers enhance your overall audio experience and they come with a 2-number rating—separated with a decimal point—that help you determine the type of speaker just for you.  The first number tells you the number of speakers while the second tells you how many subwoofers are there. The types of speakers are 2.0, 2.1, 5.1, and 7.1. If you choose either 5.1 or 7.1, you are in for some amazing surround sound experience.

Other basic computer peripherals needed are web camera and printer. Some laptops already come equipped with a camera so there is no need to purchase one. Printers now also come bundled with multiple functions like as a scanner and copier. The important thing about purchasing these computer peripherals is to think about whatever suits your needs best.