Audio Recording

Recorders are a versatile add-on for any system

If you want to be able to capture good quality audio sounds in virtually any situation, then an audio recorder is the ideal gadget for you. But besides just recording sound, audio recorders can do an awful lot more: They can play music, podcasts, read back audio books and more. Check out the following key features below to see which ones you need.

Recording time

We recommend that you opt for an audio recorder with at least 8 hours of high-quality audio memory under the highest quality settings. Be careful to look for the recording time under high quality settings and not low quality settings.

Data storage

These days, audio recorders come with highly innovative data storage methods. Most models will feature flash memory built in, which lets users store and record data and transfer it to over devices with a USB connection. Expandable memory is another option on some recorders, so that you can use a memory card or flash drive to store extra data, meaning that in essence you have unlimited recording capacity (so long as you have enough memory devices).

It’s also possible to store other files on some audio recorders, including documents and images, and some will allow you to organize these into different folders.

Voice recorder connectivity

PC connectivity is essential if you are planning to transfer lots of files to your PC or another device. Most recorders can transfer data via a USB device, though some of the most modern models come with Bluetooth.

Recording features

To eliminate hassle, voice recording is a great feature to have.  It means that sound is automatically recorded when the device picks up your voice, and then automatically stops after a few seconds of silence. Cue and review is a nice feature if you want to search and play back different parts of your recording more conveniently. An LCD display is also a good feature, as it makes navigating and accessing files much easier.

Best Brands

There are a number of great brands available at the minute. One of the highest-quality models is Sony’s PCM-D50, which retails at $499.95, and comes packed with features, a long battery life, and great recording quality. We also liked the Zoom H4n, which is available for a much more affordable $299.99 for the basic model, which still offers most of the features found in the Sony model.

Where to buy

If you want the cheapest prices then shopping online is your best bet. As well as the usual suspects like Amazon and BestBuy, we found Nextag to be a great place to compare prices and locate the cheapest models.