Tablet Computers

iPad is no longer the only strong performer

Buying a tablet computer used to be easy. It wasn’t long ago that the choice was limited to just the iPad and, well, the iPad!

But the last couple of years have seen a proliferation of new devices hit the shelves as other manufactures look to get in on the act.

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Stereo Speakers

Don’t overlook this essential part of the system

No matter how good your stereo system is, it will only sound as good as the speakers you have. Your speakers are an essential component of your listening experience at home. While it’s possible to spend a five figure sum on speakers, it’s not necessary to achieve decent sound quality.

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Cell Phones

Today’s devices are more useful, but more complex

If you thought you had a tough time choosing the last cell phone you bought, just wait and see what’s in store for you this time around!

Today’s phones are more complex than ever, with GPS receivers, MP3 players and digital cameras.

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